What if my PopSocket won't stick?


The PopSocket adhesive is designed to stick to MOST materials but not all.

PopSockets like a smooth, hard, flat surface and sometimes have trouble sticking to silicone, waterproof coatings, rough textures or grooves and leather.

The awesome gel on the back of your PopSocket is designed to be reactivated. Simply rinse it with water, air dry for 10 minutes and then firmly reattach to your phone case (don't leave it unattached for more than 15 minutes because the gel will die). Resist the urge to Pop it for at least 1 hour and this will take care of the problem!

If you haven't decided where to reposition your PopSocket or you're looking for a new case, stick it to a window or mirror to keep the awesome gel sticking.

This should get you Popping again!

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