What do I do if I am using a PopSockets Grip with an iPhone 8/8 plus or iPhone X




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    Gade s

    I bought popsockets in Thailand. I’m very disappointed with all the service. They didn’t give the information about iPhone X how to attach it so I used the one that I bought until the glue was fall apart with my cell, then my cell was broken!! I contact to popsocketsTH and they didn’t care and give me the discount for next purchase only less than $1 !! What is it?? My iPhone X was broken and you just offer this to me?? Is this fair to costumer?? I used to live in the state for a while to study my degree and I know this is just wrong!! Please, help me to contact them or do something. I can buy another one buy myself without the stupid discount, but I feel very bad to all the service, seriously!!
    Best regards,

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    Hi Gade,


    Sorry to hear about this! please submit a request through our help center - https://Help.PopSockets.com we'd be happy to help and make this situation right.

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    Dawn Remington

    I have a “Power Case” over my IPhone

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    Dawn Remington

    I have a “Power Case” over my IPhone 8.
    The PopSockets I have purchased seem to fall off. Is this because the thicker vinyl charging case or I am doing something wrong?

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